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Monarch Coffee Cartel

Biodegradable Pods | Duke's Blend

Biodegradable Pods | Duke's Blend

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Every year, more than 60 billion plastic and aluminium coffee capsules end up in landfill – where they will remain for 450 – 500 years. At Monarch Coffee cartel, we pride ourselves on aiming towards sustainability; therefore not adding to this load!

We’ve very proud to announce that we’ve partnered with a company called 4WKS Coffee, and with our coffee and their biodegradable pods and packaging, we’ve created something amazing!

These pods consist of a vegetable fibre lid, a bio-shell and edible ink. Everything, even the pouches, are designed to return to the earth and the pods are therefore fully compostable. Everything will break back down into nutritious, life-giving soil.

And yes, these pods are 100% Nespresso-compatible!

Duke’s blend

Medium tot dark Roast 

30 Pods in a box

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